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Environmental Management

Public awareness of environmental issues is growing. Due to public pressure, legal regulations and changes in the attitudes towards consumption, companies and communities now face challenges that can only be met with an efficient environmental management.

Hence strategic decisions are vital. In view of these requirements, environmental management is more and more considered an essential and permanent part of company policies.

Environmental Policy

GfBU-Zert disposes of a staff of certified environmental surveyors for the following sectors (IAF scope):

  • C 19 Manufacture of coke and refined petroleum product
  • C 20 Manufacture of chemicals and chemical products
  • C 21 Manufacture of pharmaceutical products
  • C 26.11.9 Manufacture of other electronic components
  • C 26.8 Manufacture of magnetic and optical media
  • E 36 Water supply
  • E 37 Sewerage
  • E 38 Waste collection. treatment and disposal, reuse

GfBU-Zert is also accredited for (IAF Scope):

  • 24 Material recovery
  • 25 Electricity supply
  • 29/1 Trade
  • 29/2 Maintenance and repair of motor vehicles and consumer goods
  • 35 Providing services to enterprises
  • 39 Providing other public and personal services

In the above-mentioned sectors we

  • validate according to EMAS (EG) or EU 1221/2009 and
  • certify according to ISO 14001.
Deutsche Akkreditierungsstelle

Should you require an offer, we would ask to contact the head of our certification body.

For details of our certification process, refer to the description of te certification process here (in german).

For appeals and complaints see our method statement and the form to the topic (both in german).

If you have questions about the certification status of our customers, please contact the Head of the Certification Body.

Please note:
EU-Commission published the changed annexes I to III of EMAS regulation, which became law on September 18, 2017.

The new version of Annex IV on Environmental Reporting under EMAS Regulation (EC) 1221/2009, which was revised by the EU Commission in coordination with the member states, came into effect on January 9, 2019.

Please contact:

Dipl.-Ing. Grit Peries
Head of the certification body
+49 (0)30 99 28 82 - 904

Dipl.-Ing. Markus Grams
Deputy head of the certification body
+49 (0)30 99 28 82 - 903