Occupational Safety and Health Management

Certificate: OHSAS 18001 GfBU-Zert

Chemicals, wrong seating position, noise, stress, etc. - workers are exposed to a variety of physical and psychological stress in their working lives. Occupational safety and health management aims at protecting employees against work-related dangers and safeguarding their health by means of preventative measures.

Occupational safety and health management systems (sometimes also called industrial safety management systems) are in place to effectively implement preventive measures and thus to ensure the economic success of the company.


GfBU-Zert has a team of highly-qualified and experienced auditors (complexity categories "high", "medium", "low") and is authorized to certify the occupational health and safety management systems of your organization according to DIN ISO 45001.

The GfBU-Zert is accredited for (IAF scope):

  • 12 Chemicals, chemical products and fibers
  • 24 Material recovery
  • 29 Wholesaling and retailing, repair of automobiles, motorcycles, household and household goods
  • 31 Transportation, storage and messaging
  • 35 Other services
  • 39 Provision of social services

Should you require an offer, we would ask to contaxt the head of our certification body.

Deutsche Akkreditierungsstelle

For details of our certification process, refer to the description of te certification process here (in german).

For appeals and complaints see our method statement and the form to the topic (both in german).

If you have questions about the certification status of our customers, please contact the Head of the Certification Body.



Please contact:

Dipl.-Ing. Grit Peries
Head of the certification body
+49 (0)30 99 28 82 - 904