Energy Management

Certification: DIN ISO 50001 GfBU-Zert

In times of rising energy prices, a thorough energy management does not only help protect the environment, but also supports your efforts to monitor and reduce operating costs. Especially companies in energy-intensive industries benefit from streamlining their flow and consumption of energy since this immediately improves their competitiveness.  A customized energy management system has the potential to uncover and systematically eliminate hidden costs.

The certification of a responsible use of energy and resources has become a sign of quality for suppliers as it improves their competitiveness and secures loyal customers.

Energy Management

At GfBU-Zert we have highly-qualified and experienced auditors and certified environmental surveyors for the following sectors (IAF scope):

  • C 19 Manufacture of coke and refined petroleum products
  • C 20 Manufacture of chemicals and chemical products
  • C 21 Manufacture of basic pharmaceutical products ans pharmaceutical preparations
  • C 26.11.9 Manufacture of other electronic components
  • C 26.8 Manufacture of magnetic and optical media
  • E 36 Water collection, treatment and supply
  • E 37 Sewerage
  • E 38 Waste collection, treatment and disposal activities; material recovery

GfBU-Zert ia also accredited for the technical areas:

  • A Lightweight / medium weight industry
  • B Heavy industry
  • C General facility management
  • D Specific facility management
  • E Transport industry
  • F Mining
  • H Energy industry

In these scopes we can certify your energy management system according to the following standards:

  • DIN EN ISO 50001 (Energy Management)
  • Integrated energy management within the framework of an environmental management system according to DIN EN ISO 14001 and/or EMAS
  • Audits according to the German Efficiency System Ordinance (Spitzenausgleich-Effizienzsystemverordnung /SpaEfV/) - Customs Form 1449
  • Audits of so-called alternative systems

The German Efficiency System Ordinance (German Regulation on the Energy Tax Cap and Energy Efficiency) allows for refunding of energy and electricity tax. As energy-intensive company you may further benefit from a reduced renewable energy surcharge (surcharge for the financing of renewable energy sources in Germany - the so-called "EEG-surcharge") (specific equalisation scheme!)

Should you not have introduced an energy or environmental management system, it is time to act. now.

Deutsche Akkreditierungsstelle

Should you require an offer, we would ask to contact the head of our certification body.

For details of our certification process, refer to the description of te certification process here (in german).

For appeals and complaints see our method statement and the form to the topic (both in german).

If you have questions about the certification status of our customers, please contact the Head of the Certification Body.

Please contact:

Dipl.-Ing. Grit Peries
Head of the certification body
+49 (0)30 99 28 82 - 904